A Pregnancy Story: The Beginning

February 17, 2012
I thought today, before I get to my bump report (tomorrow), that I’d take a step back up and share how we found out I was pregnant…and how we told our families that we were expecting.As many of you might have guessed, this pregnancy was both planned and anticipated, so the months leading up to a positive test result were full of symptom analysis (and for those of you who’ve been there – you know how mentally draining this can be). However, the month I actually got pregnant, I experienced no noticeable symptoms. In fact, the week before Thanksgiving, I traveled...
14 Week Bump Report

February 04, 2012
Last week, during Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I asked if anyone was interested in reading a weekly or bi-weekly pregnancy update from me. I received one of two types of responses: 1) it’s your blog…share as much as you’d like and 2) bring it on, I love a good bump report. Alright, so I may have ad-libbed just a teeny tiny bit, but you get the idea. But you’re right, it is my blog. And, as much as I’d like to believe that I’m a photography blogger…I hope I’m so much more (by your sweet comments, I believe I am). With that said, I will share with you...
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

January 22, 2012
You might have noticed a slight change in my blogging schedule the past couple of weeks. Last year, I was blogging daily…I was also shooting daily. I hate to admit it, but my camera hasn’t been used nearly as much the past few weeks (aside from a few portrait sessions) – you’ll understand why soon enough. I am hoping to pick things up again soon, but I just feel like if I don’t have anything to blog about – I shouldn’t just post any old archived photo…that seems lame. Right?On another note, I’ve been keeping a secret. I have been planning...