Hot Vliggity Vlog Vednesday

March 02, 2011
Last month, I won an adorable t-shirt from Jill! I couldn’t wait to put it on as soon as I got it and Jill insisted that I take a self-portrait. It just so happens that I also had Henry that weekend so I was in a very silly mood. I forgot my tripod so after several attempts to position the camera just right, my sister walked up and I said “hold this.” I had full intentions to use my remote but my sister decided she would much rather push the button. I usually try to avoid the tilted frame, but the expression on my face is priceless.           And now…for my much...
Look what I found?!

February 23, 2011
I recently cleaned up one of my Compact Flash cards and found a couple of treasures from last Christmas. Aren’t they cute?I will be at a conference most of today and tomorrow, so I’ll catch up on my reading later tonight. Have a great Wednesday!              PS: Today’s your last day to mail your Love Letters to Kitty Paw (click on the button below for all the details). Linky closes tonight at midnight EST.
Black and White…Wordish..Wednesday

February 16, 2011
Today, I’m serving Jury Duty (so if I go missing for hours upon end, I’ve been locked up…kidding?). My mom tells me that it’ll be “a wonderful experience that will make you better appreciate our judicial system.” Meanwhile, a coworker told me of her most recent experience which included nine days as an alternate juror during a civil trial. Either way, if I get selected, I think it’s best for me to assume a leadership role and get things moving. While I’m out (and I’ll try my best to reply to emails while I wait), I thought I’d share...
BLOGversation: Where do you blog?

January 19, 2011
Fat Mum Slim started a “BLOGversation” yesterday, asking a very important question…”Where do you blog?” I thought it might be fun to join in and share my blogging  “spot.” So, I left work, went to the gym, came home and hit the shower. After my shower, I walked downstairs to prepare dinner. I turned on the TV and there was Mr. Flick…sitting in MY SPOT! Clearly, he’s been feeling a bit neglected. So…Mr. Flick is indeed sitting in my blogging spot. In the words of Sheldon Cooper…“That is my spot, in an every changing...