Before & After: She Did It!

April 21, 2010
Last night, I came home…checked my email…signed on the Bump Photography Board…and there it was, an editing challenge. I’m like pavlov’s dog when it comes to editing challenges, so I had to jump in. Unfortunately, a few of the other girls had already mastered the edit using Lightroom, Photoshop (using Portraiture) and Noiseware. I thought that I’d try to reproduce the edit in Photoshop Elements, but I felt that my initial edit came up short. Let me tell you, I was discouraged! FYI: My goal with “before and after” challenges is to demonstrate...
Before & After: Late Night

April 13, 2010
Whenever I travel cross-country, I do my best to adjust my body’s schedule as quickly as possible…which means forcing myself to stay up (hence the reason I’m up so late). So, although I posted some shots from the weekend (Flowers in Bloom), I absolutely love editing others’ photos when given the opportunity. In this case, a three-day old baby!This baby is gorgeous. I felt pretty good with the exposure (I may have slightly adjusted the curves), but I did adjust the color curves for skin tone. I also really wanted to clean up the face so I applied Coffeeshop’s Baby...
Before & After: Family Photos

April 09, 2010
In the previous post, I shared the new “Squeaky Clean” action. In this post, I thought I’d share a few more examples using Kristen’s beautiful family. I believe these were taken on Easter. If I’m honest, I kept putting these off because I was a bit intimidated by the exposure and didn’t want to screw it up. I may still have screwed them up, but I gave it my best effort. With each of these, I started by selecting the background and doing a levels adjustment. I then ran the Squeaky Clean action (adding a brightening step) and adjusted each layer based on the...
Before & After: Naomi

April 08, 2010
I’m still working through a number of photos that my internet photography friends sent my way. This afternoon, I thought I’d share Naomi. Her mother sent me some of her Easter portraits for my challenge. This first one really needed some help, but I was able to save it. My steps included: Adjusted the curves.Adjusted the levels. Adjusted the brightness.Adjusted the color curves (for her skin tone).Applied Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes action. Applied Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room to even out her skin tone. Cropped in even closer (since she’d already...