Through the Eyes of a Fisheye

February 24, 2010
Because I’m bored and I haven’t had a chance to show off the fisheye conversion lens, I thought I’d share a few shots I took the other day. I wanted to compare the focal area of the 50 mm 1.8 lens (which is now on sale for $89 with free shipping) vs. the Opteka HD .20 wide angle/fisheye lens. This is where I spend most of my evenings when I’m at home – our den. Both shots were taken in exactly the same location. If you look at our TV, you’ll see my 50mm shot – clearly a much narrower shot. On the other hand, the fisheye conversion lens provides a much...
Because you deserve a laugh…

February 23, 2010
My husband is an excellent home-keeper…and he’s also a goof. The other night he was preparing dinner while I played with my new Speedlite. I caught this shot and had to share it with you…because, you deserve a
Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

February 21, 2010
Last weekend, my husband had to be out of town. Therefore, we weren’t able to celebrate Valentine’s Day together until last night. He was so sweet to plan a whole evening including dinner at Second Empire Restaurant (which was delicious) and going to see the movie, Dear John. I’ve decided that celebrating Valentine’s Day the weekend after everyone else celebrates is a fantastic idea. It also helps that we’re early dinner people. Anyways, I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day…even if it is a week late. By the way, I just got my...
Girl Scout Cookies!

February 16, 2010
The Husbanator and I decided to file our taxes early…which meant receiving our tax returns early…which meant shopping from my wish list this month! And, guess what arrived today…my Canon Speedlite 430EX II. I could hardly wait to get home and practice. Fortunately, I had a willing test subject – my girl scout cookie order. Oh boy…two of my favorite things in the same room…my camera and a box (or six boxes) of cookies!Kitty Paw decided to settle down, so she also got to experience my new speedlite.  If you look closely, you’ll see my reflection in...