My Husband…Bruce Willis?

February 04, 2010
This week on Facebook, it’s post a picture of the celebrity that most resembles you (or so I’ve been told) week. I did not participate, but my husband did. For years, he’s been told that he looks like Bruce Willis…so I figured I’d place them side by side for all the world to see – it’ll give me something to laugh at later.
Another Lazy Day

February 01, 2010
I may be working from home today, but it’s just another lazy day for Kitty Paw. Alright, so I took this shot last night, but this is a pretty standard position for our cat. I think next time, I’ll either back up (which means moving our coffee table) or snap on the kit lens for a wider angle.These next two shots…I took a little while ago. First, Kitty Paw in her next favorite spot in the house – the guest room. It’s bright, sunny, has a nice perch for her to rest, and…a bright pink blanket!Finally, a picture of my husband. He was fixing the blinds...
What a Busy Week!

January 26, 2010
This last week of January has become quite a busy week, but I am so excited!Tonight: Pampered Chef party at Kathryn’s house Wednesday: Catch up on our favorite TV Shows (including American Idol, The Tudors, 24 and Band of Brothers…among others)Thursday: Premier Designs jewelry party at my houseFriday: Dinner with the Joyner House ladies at The RockfordSaturday: Church, followed by dinner with more Peace College girls at Casa CarboneAll this food and “fellowship” is going to be bad for my waistline…but good for my soul. I can’t
More Pictures from Michael’s Birthday...

January 25, 2010
Because I can…here are a few more pictures from Michael’s 50th Birthday Party last night. I love the way Andy is looking at Sarah. She’s clearly the “ham” between the two of them (love ya Sayrah), but you can tell how much he loves her when she’s not paying any attention. I posted a picture of this kid last night. He’s so freaking cute….even if he is hiding! And of course – Zander playing his mandolin. Very cute. I also took some of Alyssa and Carter, but haven’t quite done my magic. Alyssa just lost a tooth and Carter is crawling...