Scavenger Hunt Sunday

July 11, 2010
I may be on vacation, but that won’t stop me from posting my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos. I hope you’ve participated – there’s a McLinky at the bottom of this post. Here is my interpretation: 1. National PrideI’ve already shared this photo with you for POTW Thursday. Since that time, I’ve found a pretty interesting website: HazelMail. I was in the process of considering ordering 50 free oversized postcards from Vistaprint (they’re always giving those things away) when I found HazelMail. Essentially, Hazel turns your photos into postcards and then...
Beautiful Blogger

June 14, 2010
I’m on the road again (this time…Detroit), so I apologize for being absent today…and for not commenting on everyone’s beautiful baby pictures (I swear, all these blogs with all these babies…you’re giving me baby fever). However, I did want to acknowledge Abi for giving me the Beautiful Blogger award the other day. Thank you so much! Part of receiving this award requires that I tell you ten things about myself. I thought instead, I’d answer ten random questions that I found at Bridgetown Baby Momma. Do you parallel park or drive around the block? In...
A Sweet Thank You

June 06, 2010
I recently posted this photograph of Baby A. Her mother, Kendra, wanted to print and frame it for Baby A’s bedroom. Kendra promised that once the photograph came in that she’d send me a few pictures to show me how it turned out. This morning, when I checked my email…she not only sent me a few pictures, but she also sent me a wonderful thank you note with a gift card to Amazon (that I’ll definitely be applying toward my next lens or photography accessory purchase). I thought I’d share her sweet note and a few of the pictures. You’ll notice my new...
Friday Blog-Hop

June 04, 2010
It’s another Friday…and you know what that means! There are a number of blog hops out there, but I’ve chosen to stick to the two that are most relevant to me right now (once I’m a mommy, I can then open the flood gates to all the other mommy blogs and tag alongs). If you’re here for the first time, welcome. Check me out (maybe even like my work) and click FOLLOW. I do my best to follow back assuming we share common interests. Oh, and if you have an editing challenge, please CONTACT ME.I look forward to “meeting” you. Have a great day!