I wish I could explain…

January 13, 2012
I really loved our Christmas card this year…but it took many a try before we got it right. Once I’d given my husband the green light to go back to his regular night of football (or whatever was on TV that night), I wanted to play around with my lights. I’d love to share a beautifully composed self portrait, but let’s be honest…that just isn’t Ashley Sisk. A photo demonstrating completely weirdness…yep, that’s me. By the way, our Christmas decorations are still up. The plan is to take them down this weekend. Maybe I’ll finish the scavenger...
I Heart Faces: Best Face of 2011

January 09, 2012
I know you’ve seen this photo one too many times, but when it comes to choosing my best face photo of 2011 for I Heart Faces, I can’t help but go back to this classic self-portrait. I’m not even sure I can beat this look in 2012, but I’ll try.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

August 28, 2011
This has been a rather interesting week. First an earthquake…then a hurricane…a 30th birthday party and trying to mix in a newborn photo session (I’m actually doing that this morning, so I hope to share a sneak peak later in the week). Either way, it’s Sunday. If you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you too. If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! Next week’s items are sponsored by  Paper Heart Camera, Chelsea, and Abby. The rules are simple: Anyone can participate. ...
Me and Alyssa

August 13, 2011
It may be hard to believe, but we were so on the go all weekend long that I didn’t even think to have a formal “portrait session” during Alyssa’s visit. However, I can say that while we were at Frankie’s Fun Park, we did jump in the Photo Booth (on the left…obviously) for a few silly shots. Then, when her dad called to let us know he’d be leaving a little earlier to pick her up, I made sure to get a few more. The shot on the right might be my favorite from the entire weekend.       PS: Ignore my roots…I had my hair colored on Monday so they...