Before & After: Beach Edition

July 15, 2010
This might be the last post today – we’ll see. The other night, my in-laws took Alyssa to the boardwalk. I probably should have gone with my camera because even though I thought the boardwalk looked a little sketchy (we went the night before), this kid would make it look like Disneyworld. When Alyssa came home, she was quick to show me her face and I was quick to ask her to step outside so I could “make her picture” (as they call it).  It was already getting dark so I had to jack up my ISO to 1600. It’s such a cute shot though that I thought it’d make a...
Touch-Up Tuesday: Sweet Sister

July 06, 2010
My “sweet sister” came to visit us this weekend. While we were at the pool, I thought about Skinned Knees and remembered that I needed to take a “splash” photo. I yell out to my sister, “Hey Jamie, why don’t you make a splash.” She doesn’t even bat an eye and starts throwing her arms up in the air, splashing around. Meanwhile, I’m snapping away and my friends look over at me with this look of “you brought your big camera?” Now if my sister happens to come upon my blog, she’ll probably want to smack me for posting...
Before & After

July 02, 2010
I am so behind on my Before & After editing challenges, but I’ve been doing more of my own work lately so I felt it was important to develop that side of my skill set (that and my day job has been keeping me busy)…I hope you understand.Before & Afters were a major part of the early days of this blog (you know, 8-9 months ago) so I’m always happy to accept new editing challenges. If you have a challenge for me, just shoot me an email (click the Contact Me page) – seriously. Anyways, Denise sent me an email request a couple of weeks ago to add texture to the...
Touch-Up Tuesday

June 22, 2010
I’m excited to link up with The Bonnie 5 for Touch-Up Tuesday. You guys know I love Before & After posts, so this (along with Pixel Perfect’s Before and After) will allow me a forum for delivering these types of posts. Bonnie joked with me last week that although she’s excited that I’m joining, that everyone will wonder why I’m not hosting this challenge myself. One day…Anyways, this is Stella. You may remember her from this post. She is now 3 months old, and I’m finally ready to present this Before & After. Not that it was that much of a...