Touch-Up Tuesday: Head Swap!

November 02, 2010
I completely missed last week’s Touch-Up Tuesday, but I promised that I would share a “head-swapping” experience from my family portrait session with Sarah at Loving My Life. Trying to get a decent family picture where everyone is looking at the camera is not easy. However, you can fake it if you know how to seamlessly swap heads.  I opted for having both parents looking at the camera (they’re even smiling)…I thought that Dustyn attempting to give his brother a kiss (I promise, he was kissing not biting) added character. However, Sarah is smiling in the shot on...
Touch-Up Tuesday

October 19, 2010
A week or so ago, Kathy sent me a picture of her son taking a bath in the kitchen sink. I’ve edited a couple of photos of Andrew before…he is such a cute kid! Although she edited a few photos from the set (see them here), she wanted to see what I could do with this particular shot. I’ll be honest…I think I like her edits better. Nonetheless, here’s what I did.  I started by pulling the raw file into Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). If you want better control of your photos, I strongly encourage you to 1. Shoot MANUAL and 2. Shoot in RAW. Typically, any exposure data that...
Touch-Up Tuesday: Old Barns

October 13, 2010
Monday afternoon, on my way home from the gym, I wanted to find some cows. I knew there were some cows on a country road, and I thought I could get a decent photo for I Heart Faces’ challenge this week: beef. I pulled over and quietly got out of my car, but as I approached a cow close to the fence, she decided she had better places to be than within camera range. Lesson learned…bring telephoto lens and shoot from a distance. So I didn’t get the cow shot that I had in mind, but I did get something nearly as good, so I thought I’d share it for Touch-Up Tuesday....
Love on a Golf Course

October 05, 2010
On Sunday, I met up with Tommy and Stacey for an engagement photo session. This was my second engagement session (the first being our friends Caroline and Jason), and I have to admit…I was a bit nervous. We had a beautiful day though and I took a number of shots that I think the couple will love – I’m actually in the process of editing those shots right now so I can do a more thorough sneak peak. They’re getting married at the same location next May. Anyways, I thought I’d share the shot below for a couple of reasons…I mean challenges:The Paper Heart...