The Piano

September 18, 2010
Last night, I was featured in “I Heart Friday” at Simplicity (aka Faith’s blog) for my photo, “The Piano.” I received so many wonderful comments on Flickr, that I thought I would share the photo on my blog. I also thought I’d respond to a few requests I’ve been receiving to include my Exif data and lens along with my photos. Here is my SOOC shot: Lens: Tamron 28-75 mm, Focal Length: 75 mm, ISO: 100, Shutter Speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/4, Speedlite used at 1/4 power. For more SOOC shots, go visit The Slurping Life and Murrieta 365 at:  What is Exif...
Touch-Up Tuesday: Bridal Portraits

September 14, 2010
My husband’s cousin and I went to college together. In fact, my husband and I met on MySpace (you remember myspace, right?) after he saw me as a friend on her page. I remember that Sayrah was a little shocked that my husband was able to convince me to go out with him…or something to that effect. Anyways, Sayrah has recently started her own blog: Dress Your Best…For Less – she’s got a natural eye for fashion…and for finding the look for less, so check her out. While visiting the family a couple of weekends ago, we talked “shop” for a little...
Tutorial: BIG Picture Blogs

September 13, 2010
Every couple of weeks, I receive an email request to explain how I am able to post such large photographs to my blog. You might assume that I’m using a special photo template…so considering that I’m not really doing anything too special, I thought I’d share my “secret” with you today. Unfortunately, I am not a blogger expert and I can only share my personal experience, so you may need to play around with my instructions so they work for you.Start by opening your blogger account and go to design. Don’t mess with the template designer, just open your html. Before you make any...
Backgrounds & Layer Masks for PSE

August 18, 2010
How did I take this cute snapshot….…and turn it into this?Backgrounds and Layer Masks! I’m guest blogging over at Skinned Knees today. Go check out my tutorial and tell Christy I sent you! More later – have a great