In the Closet

May 31, 2011
On Sunday night, we were watching TV when it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen Kitty Paw in a little while. I then noticed that our downstairs coat closet was partially opened. I quickly peaked around the corner to confirm my suspicions. Yep…she was in there. So, I snuck upstairs to grab my speedlight (don’t ask me why it was upstairs) and take this picture.Although it’s just a simple snapshot, I thought it might be neat to apply Kim Klassen’s newest texture, stained linen following My Four Hens’ Desolate action (although I can’t seem to find the link...
“I Pity the Fool”

January 25, 2011
My church is currently on a series called, “Best Question Ever: What is the WISE thing to do?” Regardless of your faith…we’ve all been there: in light of past experiences and/or circumstances, what is the right thing to do? Where is the line between right and wrong? How far is too far? I remember being a stubborn teenager. My parents would warn me against certain people and certain behaviors. Most often, I wouldn’t listen…I was naive. We are all born naive – we haven’t lived long enough to experience any real consequence. Therefore, we act...
Simply Bokeh

December 13, 2010
Simply put, I love bokeh. Everytime I drive, I wish I was in the passenger seat so I could snap the pretty bokeh of traffic and car lights. Fortunately (or unfortunately), my husband and I were going back to our house at peak traffic hours. I was in the passenger seat with my camera in hand, so I was able take a picture of the lights in front of us. I love that the lights are in Christmas colors…and I love the simplicity of this composition. It almost looks as if it could be abstract art. I’m not sure the titles Simply Bokeh or Car Bokeh do this photo justice. Do you have a...
I Heart Faces: Self-Portrait

December 06, 2010
This week’s I Heart Faces’ theme is self-portrait. A couple of weeks ago, I received my very own Paper Lady Crown in the mail and had quite a fun time shooting silly pictures of myself. My crown was made to have interchangeable titles, but my favorite is this one that reads “Property of Kitty Paw.” For more self-portraits, go to: Speaking of Kitty Paw…Paw Humbug has made the Top 20 (she’s entry #15) in The Paper Mama’s Holiday Card Challenge. Voting ends today, so if you love Paw Humbug, click HERE to vote! Also, don’t forget to sign up...