Spring Fever

May 03, 2011
          I think the quote really says it all for me today…and I’m musing today over at The Mortal Muses. If you have a minute, come over and get a dose of nostalgia.
White on White

January 05, 2011
I love my “wedding” china. We I (let’s be honest, my husband could have cared less about china) wanted something clean and simple, but also something that I could throw in the microwave and dishwasher. These fit the bill perfectly and they have a little bit of personality. I love the little monkeys…they give “wedding china” a fresh perspective.      In completely unrelated news, I picked up my bridesmaid dress for a wedding in May. I was a bit nervous that for some reason it wouldn’t fit, but it fits and looks fabulous. I’m really excited...
In Your Eyes…

November 09, 2010
There are a number of challenges today that focus on “eyes.” I don’t have much to say about eyes other than I do believe that your eyes say a lot about the type of person you are. I can look into a person’s eyes and tell if they are trustworthy…or not, if they are strong, if they are happy, if they’ve been hurt, if they are sad… But the eyes I share today are happy…even silly. So, without further discussion, here’s Frances!Frances is one silly bean. She made me work for these two shots (and any others I’ve been able to capture) since...
Halloween Portraits: Sneak Peek!

November 02, 2010
On Saturday, I visited with my friend Karen and her girls. You may remember the session I did with them in September. Apparently, she loved what I did so much, that she asked me if I would come over to capture the girls all dressed up for Halloween. She even paid me with a slice of sweet potato/spice cake. It was delicious!Frances (above) and Emma (below) both dressed as UNC Cheerleaders…which seemed appropriate since UNC was playing William & Mary that night. My Grandma, wearing her Tarheel Blue jacket on Sunday, was quick to tell me that they won! The last time I took photos at...