Challenge Me Tuesday

August 24, 2010
There are a few photo challenges today, so this is one of those weeks that I’m going to combine posts. I’m also severely behind on blog reading and commenting so be patient with me as I make my visits.Simplicity: BirthdayThursday is Faith’s birthday, so in honor of her birthday…I thought I’d repost the picture I took from my birthday. The Paper Mama: Flower and Wishful Pictures: Shadow PlayThere isn’t a huge shadow here, but I didn’t want to dig too far back into my archives…this photo seriously cracks me up so I’m going to pimp it out a...
Vintage love

August 10, 2010
This week’s RAW(e) theme is “vintage.” Most times, I would send my photos through various post-processing techniques in order to achieve a vintage look, but this challenge is all about submitting a completely raw and untouched photo. So, I thought about what I might have that would be considered “vintage.” I also thought I might be able to combine this challenge with one of my photo hunt items: something feminine…and also with Perceptive Perspective’s theme this week: Love. The above photo is of my bridal garter, bridal earrings and my favorite pearl...
The End of Summer

August 05, 2010
Last weekend, we attended an event called Raleigh Wide Open. I teased you with one of my SOOC shots on Saturday, but haven’t had a chance to process the photos until now. There were thousands of people downtown and tons of activities…from food, to street performers, exhibitions, retail shops and music. We really enjoyed listening to the music – this band in particular had incredible soul. The lead singer managed to get the guy on the left to get up and dance while she played. Meanwhile, this little boy danced with his mother. As we walked away from the band, I heard kids...
Kitty Paw and the Critter

July 20, 2010
You’re going to have to forgive me today. Tuesday seems to be an incredible day for photo challenges (or memes as they’re called)…and I seem to be addicted. Are you also  “addicted” to photo challenges? Did you recently buy a daily planner just to keep track of the themes? Does your next photo challenge entry keep you awake at night? If you’re as addicted as I am, grab a button. You know you want to. I’ve got to give a big shout out and thank you to Christy at Skinned Knees for designing the cute button above. I entered one of her giveaways a...