POTW Thursday: Sky

June 17, 2010
This week’s POTW theme is sky. I took the shot below on Saturday while at the pool. I’ve gotten to where I carry a camera with me at all times…even if it’s not my DSLR (because I’m nervous about bringing it to the pool and such). For a while, the sky was gorgeous, but the clouds quickly moved in and before we knew it, RAIN. These next shots were taken on my last flight from Detroit with my new Blackberry (as I’ve said before…I always have some sort of camera on me). I was sitting on the wing (exit row) so what you see is a pieced together view from...
POTW Thursday: Green

June 10, 2010
This week’s POTW challenge was GREEN. I have a confession…I used a photo taken prior to this week, but it was part of a set that was only partially processed, so it felt like a brand new photo when I opened it up in PSE7 yesterday. Each week, the POTW and Scavenger Hunt Sunday items will be connected (meaning that one of the scavenger hunt items will be the same as the POTW). One of the newest rules with the scavenger hunt is that you may only use one “archive” photo. Technically, the photo below would count as an archived photo. Therefore, to be fair, I actually...
POTW Thursday: Dirty

June 03, 2010
I’m such a slacker…back in February, I thought I was going to start contributing to the photography board’s “Picture of the Week” (POTW). Well, I completed one and then lost track of the themes. Well, I’m back in the game and this week’s theme is “DIRTY.” In an effort to be a full participant, I’ve given 110% – this week, I’m not only contributing one photo…but two! Here are my entries: 1. Dirty Laundry2. Dirty Teenagers (Seriously people…in the woods?)If you’re interested, check out some of the other...
POTW Thursday: Lifeline

February 12, 2010
I’ve decided to start contributing to something called “Picture of the Week.” Each week, a theme is identified…and we then contribute a photograph that provides an interpretation of that theme.  This week’s theme is lifeline. Although this is a little abstract for me, I chose the end of a power cord because (and I hate to admit it) I am nearly always connected to some form of technology. Nothing more…nothing less…just thought I’d share my POTW with