Meet Kaley – 8 Month Old Portrait Preview...
Meet Kaley – 8 Month Old Portrait Preview

October 31, 2014
Let me introduce this sweet little girl to you! I met Kaley on Wednesday morning. We had a perfect day for photos and Miss Kaley was such a delight to photograph. I won’t say much more so enjoy the photos! Thanks again Kaley for being so precious. I hope I have a chance to photograph you again
Boys Will Be Boys: “B” Family Portrait Preview...
Boys Will Be Boys: “B” Family Portrait Preview

October 23, 2014
On Sunday, I met up with the “B” family at Joyner Park in Wake Forest for family portraits. It was a beautiful afternoon and the park was full of other families and photographers. Clearly, brilliant minds think alike! A fun fact about this family is that I went to high school with both Travis and Stacey. Travis and I graduated in the same class; Stacey was a year behind us. As we were walking up to our first spot, Travis mentioned that we haven’t seen one another since high school. I replied that we’re definitely not young anymore…and he said...
The “S” Family: Portrait Preview...
The “S” Family: Portrait Preview

October 21, 2014
On Saturday afternoon, I met up with the “S” Family for a few family portraits…a combination of first birthday (next month) and Christmas photos if you will. It’s been a few years since I’ve photographed this family. In fact, the last time I had them in front of the camera, Tommy and Stacey had just gotten engaged and I was very inexperienced. I’d like to believe they saw some potential in me…and I’m so happy they decided to come back to me after all these years. Since that time, baby Addison has joined the family. Truth be told,...
Liam…turning 2?!
Liam…turning 2?!

October 09, 2014
Earlier this week, I met up with Liam and Anna at the Arboretum. Liam turns 2 next month and we wanted to celebrate the occasion. He spent so much of our hour together running from me, but I’m pretty quick on my feet…and I don’t give up easily. Here’s a few of my favorite shots. Enjoy! See ya next month