Christmas Portraits with the “L” Family...
Christmas Portraits with the “L” Family

December 06, 2014
Last weekend, I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing the “L” family at Boyce Christmas Tree Farm. I won’t bore you with my commentary this morning, but I had a blast with this fun family. The kids made me giggle and the adults allowed me to exercise my adult posing skills that I don’t get to use much the rest of the year. If you ever have an opportunity to bring your entire family together, these sessions are a lot of fun! Thanks again “L” family for meeting up with me. I hope you love your photos and Merry...
Christmas Portraits with the “S” Family...
Christmas Portraits with the “S” Family

December 04, 2014
This past Saturday, I met up with the “S” family for Christmas portraits at Boyce Tree Farm. It was a beautiful day for photos…and to buy a tree. Now I’ll tell ya that Miss Adeline wasn’t really into photos that day, but it’s hard to tell now. I love these photos so much so I’ll stop talking and just allow you to enjoy this little preview. Merry
“B” Family: From 4 to 5 in 2014...
“B” Family: From 4 to 5 in 2014

November 19, 2014
Saturday afternoon was simply beautiful. Okay, it was a little chilly…but it is November. It was one of those days that I was glad to have a client session – and especially at sunset. I was even more excited that that client session was with my dear friend, Pam and her family. Pam and I go way back…14 years. Gosh, we’re old. I met Pam during my first year of college. I was rooming with a girl who went to her high school (we grew up in the same general area). We knew many of the same people so it seemed only appropriate for us to be friends too. And...
All You Need is Love
All You Need is Love

November 17, 2014
Last Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing Adam, Christina and Tyler at Yates Mill in Raleigh, NC. Yates Mill is usually flooded with photographers and their clients…so it was nice to come on an “off” day. Okay, so it was also 40 something degrees outside, but the leaves were still beautiful. As far as I’m concerned, we had a perfect afternoon. Adam and my husband have been friends for a lifetime…well, since college. I met Adam a few years ago and it was as if I met the male version of myself. He’s also a photographer so we enjoy...