Let it Snow!

December 04, 2010
Last night, the news said it would snow tonight…well, the snow decided to come in a little early. So, I thought I’d share a few SOOC shots. For more SOOC photos, go to: Also, Paw Humbug made The Paper Mama’s Top 20 – Click HERE to vote for me
October Skies

October 22, 2010
I’ve mentioned a time or two that I love autumn. I love the weather, the change of colors and the sky. I’ve been looking up at the sky a lot lately…each day is different. God is really an amazing artist! I’ve taken so many beautiful sky photos lately, that I thought I’d share a couple with you today (and don’t forget that one of your Scavenger Hunt items this week is sky too)…I’m still holding onto a couple for Sunday. This first shot was taken on my way to work this week. The sky was so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to pull up to a stop...
Another Lazy Saturday…

October 02, 2010
Kitty Paw and I have had a lazy Saturday. My husband spent the day at the NC State football game while I spent a little time catching up on some editing and finishing up the Scavenger Hunt. Kitty Paw has spent the day sleeping. I caught her enjoying the sun this morning…not her most flattering look, but I love the shadows. This is SOOC. ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/100, 28 mmFor more SOOC shots, go to: For more Shadow Shots, go to:I’m also linking up with:This afternoon, I decided to get out of the house for a little while. I needed to return a movie and stop by the Pumpkin Patch for a ...
The Piano

September 18, 2010
Last night, I was featured in “I Heart Friday” at Simplicity (aka Faith’s blog) for my photo, “The Piano.” I received so many wonderful comments on Flickr, that I thought I would share the photo on my blog. I also thought I’d respond to a few requests I’ve been receiving to include my Exif data and lens along with my photos. Here is my SOOC shot: Lens: Tamron 28-75 mm, Focal Length: 75 mm, ISO: 100, Shutter Speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/4, Speedlite used at 1/4 power. For more SOOC shots, go visit The Slurping Life and Murrieta 365 at:  What is Exif...