Skywatch Friday: Heaven

November 05, 2010
Yesterday morning at sunrise, I was sitting (sleeping) in a window seat on my way to New York City. I always fall asleep at take off, however, when I woke up and looked outside, I thought I was in heaven. Isn’t it beautiful?  I’m also submitting this photo to this week’s Two Mom’s Made a Photo Challenge:
My Favorite: Kitty Paw

September 11, 2010
This week’s Two Mom’s Made a Photo Challenge theme is: favorite photo. I have a number of favorite photos, but there are two that I personally love…not because they are technically great, but because they’re family. Ultimately, I decided that the shot above is my favorite…because Kitty Paw is my only baby right now. One day we’ll have children, and I’m not sure how our little love will handle no longer being the only child. But for now, she is my sweet Kitty Paw. Isn’t she pretty?  For more TMMAPC Favorite Photos, go to:And just because I...
Two Moms Made a Photo Challenge: Pets

September 04, 2010
I’m going through a bit of blog withdrawal right now…the past couple of days have been fairly chaotic at work, so I needed to focus a bit of my energy there…which of course meant that I’ve fallen behind over here. I’m looking forward to getting back into photo challenge mode, but I may need help keeping up with the next week’s challenges (if you know what all of the challenges are, feel free to send me a message so I can catch up). I did notice that this week’s Two Moms Made a Photo Challenge theme is pets. I immediately knew that this was a...
What’s for Dinner?

August 10, 2010
All day long, I witnessed photo after photo of deliciousness grace my computer screen. Why? Because Two Mom’s Made a Photo Challenge‘s theme this week is “FOOD.” There are so many talented ladies in “blog land” with mad cooking skills…I am not one of them. You see, the last time I displayed anything food related, I ordered a pizza. Well, after a week of eating whatever I want in Sacramento, it’s time to eat a little healthier…so, tonight, I made myself a sandwich. And because I can’t stand to be left out, I took a picture to share. I...